I want to update everyone on our church’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. After meeting as a lead team and considering the suggestions of healthcare officials and the precautions of local schools we have determined that it would be the wisest course of action for OneSeven to suspend gathering together for the remainder of the month of March.

It is our plan to resume gathering together again on Sunday, April 5th. This is a fluid situation and one which we will continuously evaluate and keep you updated on any changes.

We arrived at this decision from a place of concern and sacrifice. We wanted to think about protecting those in our church or those that are connected to people that are most susceptible in this situation. I want to encourage our church to prayerfully look for ways to serve our community during this season. It may be as simple as checking in on older relatives and neighbors. You may have neighbors that need help running errands or childcare needs.

One of the values of OneSeven is that we will move TOWARD the hardest places in our world. We have an opportunity to be light in a dark moment in our community. Let’s do all that we can to ease the fear and suffering of our neighbors.

I love you OneSeven Church. I am praying that you stay healthy, strong, free of fear and that we lay down our lives in service to our family, friends, and neighbors.

God bless you.

Charlie – Pastor

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